We bring unparalleled knowledge of domains, markets, and technology platforms, to enable our clients realize their business goals.

Technology advancement has been at a rapid pace in recent times. Global business scenario has changed according keeping in track with the growth in the IT industry. As technology evolves at a rapid pace, with continuous shifts in underlying application infrastructure, IT solutions face the challenge of stringent budgets and aggressive timelines for development efforts.

Keeping in mind that technology is an enabler and should result in cost savings for the client, InfoMile constantly strives to provide the best of IT solutions for its clients.

Our Services

Application Development

We create apps that fulfill a variety of needs for small, medium, and large businesses. Whether you need a simple app to perform a few basic functions, or you need a fully customized app, we can handle it. Our team of experts understands your need and design apps, maintains and manages your apps that suit best to speed up your business process. We develop applications as per client needs.

Web Based Solutions

The Internet has transformed the way business is conducted. Whether it is procurement or payment processing, Web-based solutions are creating new opportunities, reorganization processes and enhancing operations. As your trusted partner, Cliser IT can help you maximize process improvement and operational savings that can be attained from eBusiness systems. We deliver quantifiable value, incorporating a wide range of technologies. We provide high-performance eBusiness solutions to help our clients provide the high levels of quality and service required for competitive differentiation. We build and implement end-to-end eBusiness solutions that seamlessly integrate with diverse business applications.

Mobile Applications

We focus on application management, to provide a lower degree of control over the device, but a higher level of control over applications. We provide solutions to manage the down to device firmware and configuration settings and can include management of all applications and application data. Our team has the expertise of providing services in implementing, customizing and controlling access to internally developed and commercially available mobile apps used in business settings on both company-provided and “bring your own” smartphones and tablet computers.

Quality Engineering

With years of experience in software testing projects, we can boast of our team who can walk-in at any point of an on-going project and deliver right services to exceed client satisfaction. Our team is a mix bag of manual and automation testing personnel who have the exposure of working with clients of diverse industry.

Data Engineering

Where other service providers see data management as a small add-on chore, at Cliser IT, we see it as a strategic priority. It is is the foundation and the core that determines what you can achieve next. Let us help you manage, access and protect your data so you can unleash its potential. Cliser IT has flexible consulting for short-term and ongoing database projects. Go ahead and use our team for day-to-day support or ad-hoc assignments such as assessments and upgrades. We go beyond the contractual paperwork to add value to your business. Our investment and management focus is unparalleled in this specialized area compared to other companies who see database services as a small, insignificant piece of their offering set.

Emerging Technologies

Modern technologies are transforming the way we work, live and play. Yet many organizations struggle to create a digital presence that matters. In order to thrive in today’s dynamic digital economy, modern enterprises need to embed digital into the core of their core activities. This includes a wide range of things: From remodeling business, digitizing essential processes, integrating technology to core and presenting the brand via digital channels.